Barrier safety is vital in various scenarios where you want to provide protection. This can be for workers, pedestrians, machinery, equipment, buildings, and stock. You can often find barriers set up on work sites, car parks, warehouses, and also in front of shops. The purpose of this is to prevent an issue with an out of control vehicle like a car or forklift.

As well as using barriers that meet high standards, you need top quality accessories. This includes Armco barrier end sections. These need to be strong and able to withstand an impact.

A useful product you should not overlook

You can travel a long distance on a road or motorway before coming across barrier end sections. The reason for this is that the barriers you find here are easy to knock down by design. This will stop a vehicle travelling at high speeds in its tracks without causing much damage. But when you place barriers to protect something of value on the other side, you need a solid system that won’t move. Sturdy end sections are perfect here.

In situations where barriers need to turn corners and go around a doorway or entrance, you will come across Armco Barrier end sections. Products like Pedestrian & Fishtail Ends are available in High Visibility Yellow. This makes them easy to see and then avoid.

Pedestrian and Fishtail Ends are the more common end terminals people use. The first style doesn’t have any sharp edges so it is perfect for ensuring barrier safety. This is useful for areas like entrances and doorways where people might pass by. A fishtail end on the other hand is a very cheap option that is common in areas that see a lot of vehicle activity.

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