Ensuring the safety of pedestrians is important in urban areas where there is very little distance between people and moving traffic. The same can also be said of commercial and industrial settings, particularly on sites where heavy vehicles can be moving around at all hours of the day. To maximise safety, measures need to be put into place in both of these environments in order to create the required separation. Crash barriers, bollards and other products are the best way to do this. You can also boost safety by ensuring everybody on the site is educated in terms of how they make their way around and the contribution they make to continued safety.

We offer a wide range of barriers and actively promote better safety in both road and non-road situations. Our experience is extensive and has seen us support clients from all sectors; we regular install barrier safety systems in many settings, including inside and outside properties as well as along roads and in car parks. When you need a full and comprehensive safety consultation, we are the company for you.

The beauty of dealing with us comes both from the fact we have worked in several different industries and that we can design barrier safety systems to suit your needs. Many of our products work together seamlessly to help you create a shield that will protect pedestrians, vehicle operators and the buildings themselves when appropriate.

We can offer both rigid and spring systems to suit the spatial limitations of your site. Our systems are bespoke as standard because we understand that there isn’t one solution for every single issue; to maximise barrier safety, the system needs to fit the individual situation and setting.

When you work with us, you are assured of a complete service starting with the design and ending with various aftercare services. We manufacture everything ourselves, so we can guarantee quality and give you an accurate timeframe for the production. After this we offer installation, including any groundworks that may be required. When we design the barrier safety system we will ensure it can be positioned as easily as possible without harming the performance. After fitting we are always just one call or click away whether you need replacement sections or have additional safety concerns to deal with.