When you are in search of motorway barriers or any other type of barrier system, you need to ensure the ones you go for provide the best solution for the setting. You should always keep in mind the level of risk, how rigid you need the system to be and the expected frequency and severity of impacts. This information will help you to choose the right kind of barrier and posts for your needs.

The beam of the barrier plays an important role, but it can’t provide the level of protection you need without appropriate posts and supports. Deciding what type of post is best for you will depend on the situation and setting. You’ll need to consider whether to go with RSJ or Z-section profile if you want rigid supports. Spring buffer types are also available if you have space to allow them to compress and cushion impacts. You’ll also need to consider whether you want to install them using ground anchors or concrete.

RSJ profile posts are most commonly used with Armco barriers because they are easy to install and offer strong, sturdy support. They are most commonly used in car parks and other settings where slower speed impacts at a range of different angles are expected because they provide minimal deflection. Z-section ones are also widely used in non-motorway locations where more frequent impacts are likely. They require replacing less often and provide a higher level of cushioning because of their shape.

Whatever setting you have to deal with and level of protection you require you can find the perfect solutions with us. We manufacture our own range of motorway barriers and posts, offering both Armco and Open Box Beam (OBB) systems as well as rigid and spring posts. Our extensive experience means we can provide advice and work closely with our clients to deliver the right barrier system for them. When it comes to crash barriers and motorway barriers you won’t find a more flexible, forward thinking provider.