Motorways and major roads need to be equipped with adequate safety measures in order to prevent accidents and provide the highest levels of safety possible. Motorway barriers are a crucial element of every major road, and we are the industry leaders. Our name is synonymous with safety and we can be trusted at all times to supply and install the finest products available. It is a fact that there are fewer crashes on motorways than on other roads, but the reality is that the high speeds involved are much more likely to result in severe damage and even fatalities. Optimal road safety is something we consistently pursue and it is our aim to contribute to the reduction in fatal accidents.

When a car crashes it is the initial impact that determines what happens next. When the impact of the collision is directed towards the vehicle then the results can be disastrous. The purpose of a barrier is to absorb a great deal of the impact. This means that the vehicle that crashes is less likely to be spun around and re-directed into the oncoming traffic. It also prevents the crossing of a vehicle from one carriageway to another as well as entry into roadside hazards. The effect of the motorway barriers is to direct the vehicle along the barrier line ensuring it does not turn or flip which is typically the cause of motorway pile ups along with multiple injuries and loss of life.

We are proud to be the preferred providers of quality motorway barriers that deliver the ultimate in protection. Our Armco barriers are simply first class, and thanks to the consistently superior protection they have provided over the years, they are now the only name people use when discussing motorway and roadside protection.

There is another environment that calls for uncompromising protection and that is motorway racing. If you are an F1 aficionado you will be all too aware of the inherent need to protect not only the drivers but the other team members and the spectators. The performance of our barriers is unparalleled and they continue to serve as effective providers of protection on competitive racetracks.

It is our experience along with our expertise and unsurpassed knowledge that assures our position as the finest suppliers of roadside, commercial and industrial protection. The products we manufacture are the epitome of strength and durability. They are built to last and offer enduring effectiveness. They are the result of many years of meticulous attention to detail along with highly disciplined research and development. It has always been our intention to remain ahead of the curve and as a result we constantly maintain pole position. We keep up with every alteration and development within the industry and as a result our capabilities are limitless and our efficiency levels are outstanding.

Along with an inherent need for optimum quality of products and supreme standards of service, the other crucial area is installation. It is imperative that motorway barriers are put in place appropriately and accurately in order to deliver maximum protection. Proper installation can help to avert major disaster in many environments. Aside from roads and racetracks our barriers can be implemented in a host of professional areas that have a high risk of accidents from dangerous moving vehicles. Any location such as a loading bay, warehouse or yard naturally has a constant stream of traffic from employees and vehicles such as forklift trucks. Employees, stock and building structures need to be sufficiently protected by placing adequate separation between them and moving vehicles and fall sites. Once the barriers are in place you can rest easy knowing you have met your obligations and taken every step to ensure your site and facilities are safe and secure. It is in your best interests to protect your team as by extension you protect yourself and your business.

We can offer the revolutionary advantages of our barriers in an array of post sizes. They are available in single or multi-row formats and the diversity of the selection means each and every specific requirement can be met with ease. Regardless of the size of your premises we can deliver the product you need to offer full protection. We are happy to respond to any enquiries and discuss your needs when it comes to motorway barriers.