Some workplaces can be really dangerous. For example, warehouses have pedestrians and moving vehicles working closely together. You need to protect your workforce and avoid costly damage. When you want to do this, you should invest in reliable forklift crash barriers.

Workplace safety is crucial. You need to take measures to prevent accidents and injuries. These can result in lost working hours and potential costly litigation. In addition, you will likely also have to deal with some form of equipment, stock, and shelving damage. This affects productivity and therefore, profit margins.

Warehouse Accidents Happen

When you don’t have safety barriers accidents can be incredibly serious. This is because of the size and weight of the forklift along with the speeds they can reach when moving while close to pedestrians.

An out of control forklift can cause various kinds of accidents such as:

Crashes with another forklift or vehicle like a lorry delivering stock
Collisions with a worker or pedestrian which will likely cause injuries
Bumps with shelves that can cause damage and even collapse
Impact with walls or supporting structures that can compromise building safety
Accidents involving stock that can damage and break items

There are ways you can try and avoid these incidents. For example, you can mark areas for pedestrians and vehicles. This will reduce the likelihood of a collision. However, you have to remember that human error is still a factor. This is why you need a barrier system; they prevent the damage that can occur from one of these vehicles.

Make Sure There Are Barriers In Place

You can try and plan for events with the right training and guidelines. But, products like barriers provide peace of mind in case anything does happen.

A barrier can stop a forklift in its tracks to remove the risk of it damaging anything lying beyond it. This is a highly effective form of protection. Really, you cannot afford to not install forklift safety barriers in a warehouse.

We specialise in providing products for various environments and needs. If you want to know any more about the crash barriers we supply or are ready to place an order, reach out to the Cenpart team. We would love to work with you and discuss your needs.