It is common to see crash barriers all the time while you are out on the motorway. However, there are some styles that can work in different environments. We are talking about places like warehouses, car parks, factories, and service yards. At Cenpart we create models that can keep people, equipment, and buildings safe from incidents with out of control vehicles.

There is one thing in particular we love seeing. This is warehouses and similar structures introducing measures to create a safer working environment for everyone. Safety is essential to making an environment workers can be proud to be a part of. To this end, you should install barriers in your property. With them, the chances of accidental harm and errors shall go down dramatically. Don’t worry if you are struggling with the barrier design however. We have some advice that can help.

What are your requirements?

One of the most important tips we have is determine what your requirements are. You will need to figure out which areas of the structure are most at risk. Places that contain pedestrian walkways or goods like fridges are ones you should protect. It is also wise to protect shelves and structural elements like columns. Think about the sort of industrial vehicles that shall pass through and how frequently.


Something else we like to tell people is not to worry about overprotection. This will usually put you in a better position. You might be someone that does not think of the floor as a vital asset. Yet, it can cause massive complications if there is any damage. Therefore, you may want barriers in place to ensure the floor’s safety too.


There is also no harm in preparing for the future. Things may seem simple enough right now. However, that can all change later down the line. If you prepare it can boost safety and may cost less in the long run.

Talk to us about crash barriers

Cenpart are specialist manufacturers of barrier products. Our designs supply users with proven protection for people and structures alike. In addition to the barriers themselves, we also sell a variety of barrier posts, end sections, and more.

If you would like to buy any of our crash barriers or other safety products, please get in touch with us. We are happy to create bespoke layouts for you to account for the unique elements in your property.