We are one of the UK’s foremost manufacturers, suppliers, and installers of barrier systems. To satisfy all of our clients, we provide bespoke designs in addition to standard products. This includes everything from gates and fencing to bollards, covers, and posts. The prices we charge are also very competitive.

Why barriers are important at night

Driving at night can be very stressful, especially if you are not familiar with the roads you are on. It can get even worse if you can’t see essential safety features like fencing and barriers. If there aren’t any, what is there to stop an out of control vehicle crashing into you? On top of this, there is nothing there to stop you from leaving the road if you should lose control or even fall asleep. The lack of barriers can also impact visibility.

Each of the issues above shows how important it is to have the right barriers in place, especially for when people are driving at night. You should ensure you have them in place in all kinds of locations, including access roads and even car parks and service and stock yards.

How business owners can benefit from barriers

There are many benefits from installing barriers. For starters they can protect people who are driving to and from the site. On top of this they protect vehicle users when they use spaces like car parks and loading docks. The barrier systems highlight hazards and prevent impacts, even at night when visibility is poorer.

Barriers are also great for people on foot on the site. They can create safe routes where people can walk without the risk of a vehicle hitting them. This is great for workers as well as visitors.

If you have not already, you should install safety barriers near and in your facilities. This is especially important if people use the site at night.

Design barrier systems with us

At Cenpart, we design barriers capable of countering various problems. These are the kinds found in commercial and industrial settings. Our models are effective against various moving vehicles. The result is less injuries and fewer expensive damages.

If you would like to know more about our barrier systems, feel free to get in touch. You can talk to us about your facility and what kind of barriers you need. We can then design the perfect solution for you.