The issue of motorway incidents is still a cause for concern. There has been a rise in serious injuries and fatalities on UK motorways for the first time since 2008 with many accidents caused by illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres. We have always dedicated ourselves to the implementation of safety products on UK roads and motorways and we are a leading name in the sector. We supply an industry preferred selection of trusted crash barriers, and we offer a service that is second to none.

The aim of a crash barrier is to absorb the impact of a crash to prevent escalation. When vehicles crash on motorways they are likely to be hurtled back into the stream of traffic, or cross over into another carriageway or roadside hazards. By taking the brunt of the impact, the barriers encourage the car to edge down the barrier line without flipping or turning, which dramatically reduces the potential for pile ups and serious injury.

We supply high quality crash barriers that offer the ultimate in protection. Our products and services are underpinned by extensive experience and knowledge. Each product we manufacture offers reliability, durability and strength. We have spent many years researching and developing our techniques and we keep up with industry progress. We are fully equipped to offer efficiency and a high standard of customer care.

Along with quality products and services we also provide full installation. Our crash barriers are placed to offer protection to drivers and passengers. The performance level of a barrier is entirely dependent on its capacity for containment. It is crucial that the appropriate barrier systems are placed in the right location to ensure maximum deflection upon impact.

Our barrier systems are used in a diverse range of commercial and industrial locations. They are extremely versatile and designed to provide effective protection in the workplace. Employees and equipment are always vulnerable to accidents, but our barriers can be installed and offer sufficient protection for staff, stock and machinery. We consistently supply the highest standard of security and protection in steel to our customers and we strive to offer long term, cost effective solutions.