One of the biggest UK news stories of this month has been the loss of British band Viola Beach, who sadly lost their lives when their car plunged from a bridge in Sweden after it opened to let a ship pass by underneath. Although the exact reasons for the accident are unclear, it has been claimed that the safety barriers and lights designed to alert drivers to stop were not functioning as they should have been, so the driver may have been unaware of the danger ahead. Whatever the circumstances, the story has highlighted the huge importance of having strong barrier systems in place on bridges.

Barriers are simple, yet highly effective safety measures which can protect vehicles, drivers, pedestrians and other road users from potential accidents. Barriers are absolutely crucial on bridges to prevent cars from plunging over the edge or colliding with other vehicles. We offer high quality Armco barriers to keep drivers on course and deflect the potential impact of a crash, decreasing the potential for serious and fatal accidents. These barriers can be configured to suit most settings and applications, including being installed on bridges with vehicle traffic. As each barrier system is designed to suit the needs of a specific setting, you will never have to settle for a layout that’s not quite right; instead, you can have a system that provides maximum protection in the areas where it is most needed.

Accidents and collisions on bridges can have serious consequences, but the installation of suitable barriers can greatly reduce the risk. We are renowned for offering an outstanding selection of motorway barriers and safety systems, and can provide the ideal solution to make every bridge as secure as possible. Besides barriers designed to prevent vehicular accidents, we also offer a range of handrails which are perfect for installation on pedestrian bridges. As with all our systems, they can be custom made to suit your design preferences and safety requirements.