Armco barriers are the industry standard when it comes to motorway barriers. The name is synonymous with the corrugated steel barriers lining racetracks, to the point where they are often simply referred to as Armco. The company behind these barriers, as well as the barriers, has a rich and varied history. Now called AK Steel Holding, the name of Armco and the fame of the motorway barriers that they create still resonates.

Armco’s history goes back to the very end of the 19th century. In 1899, the American Rolling Mill Company was set up and established in Middletown, Ohio by a group of investors whom were led by George Matthew Verity, who would be the first president of the company. Here, the first works, the Middletown Works, were established and began producing steel in 1901. The company would continue expanding, and in 1941, the Bellefont Furnace was opened, further expanding the capabilities of the company.

In 1948, the company would adopt the Armco name. From here, they continued to develop and modify their Ashland Works, adding additions such as a cold reduction mill and a hot-strip mill. The blast furnace was replaced and the company continued to make steel and barriers. In 1978, their name changed to Armco Inc and in 1989, the company sold off a large percentage of its stock to Kawasaki Steel Corporation in Japan, before being sold completely by 1994 and merging with the company to form the company’s current iteration: AK Steel Holding Corporation.

The steel and motorway barriers produced by Armco and its iterations are still highly regarded for their excellent quality and strength, can be found across the world to this day. Armco barriers are found on Formula One tracks such as the famous track at Monaco, which is regarded as one of the toughest and most unforgiving tracks in the sport. They are found lining countless motorways throughout the world. Armco barriers are made to the highest possible standards, with a high focus on safety and quality.

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