Hoop barriers are small crash barriers that nevertheless offer quite a lot of security. They are often used to restrict vehicle access, and are a means of delineating boundaries. They are extremely cost effective, yet very strong and capable of providing excellent security for a property. If you are looking to make high traffic areas more safe, hoop barriers are extraordinarily effective. We can offer these excellent crash barriers to our customers for a low cost, designed and installed to their exact specifications.

Hoop barriers are particularly useful for protecting against traffic. They reduce vehicular access to certain areas by putting up a sturdy barrier. Commonly seen in and around vehicle dealerships, they are a popular security option where there is a combined presence of traffic and pedestrians. They can also function as effective cycle stands.

When you receive hoop barriers from us, you can be fully assured that they are constructed to the highest possible quality. They are made to measure, specifically to provide our customers with a highly effective barrier for their exact needs. Available as either bolt down or cast in, they are constructed out of stainless steel for additional durability and can be galvanised or powder coated for an additional aesthetic touch. More ornate models can also be provided for our customers, such as those with laser cut, pattern infill panels.

Whichever crash barriers you choose, you can be assured that they will be created to the highest possible quality and to the exact specifications that you demand. You can be completely assured that every product created by our team is done so carefully and with quality in mind. An ISO 9001 registered company, we pride ourselves on offering nothing less than the best possible results to all of our customers.