Hoop barriers are a cost-effective security measure. They can be used for everything from restricting access to a certain area to being used as a secure cycle stand. They are primarily used to secure the perimeter of open areas, such as open car parks and motor lots in a car dealership. We offer a range of hoop barrier systems which provide security for an affordable price.

Hoop barriers are a simple but incredibly effective way of securing a perimeter. They vary in size, but can be placed together to create thorough and comprehensive security for vehicles without impeding any pedestrians. A hoop barrier is generally low enough to allow a pedestrian to step over it, but high enough to prevent a car from driving over them. The solid construction ensures that any car that attempts to do so will be stopped dead in its tracks. Our hoop barrier systems can be installed either as bolt down or cast in. Cast in offers a comprehensive degree of protection, lending itself to an unyielding barrier, while bolt down barriers can be installed easily and moved or removed with ease in case of any damage or changes to the property.

All our hoop barrier systems can be customised to your wishes. You can select a galvanized finish, or choose from a wide range of RAL colours to give the barrier an extra aesthetic edge or ensure that it is highly visible to passing vehicles. We also offer the bespoke option of ornate hoop barriers decorated with laser cut panels with pattern infills.

Our hoop barrier systems are available in stainless steel, and are made to measure. This ensures that our barriers are perfectly suitable for your site and will provide comprehensive protection. All of our barriers are made by our team to fulfil your exact needs and can also install your barriers, ensuring that they are fully fitted on your site.