If you are unfamiliar with us, our company is one that strives to improve safety in various settings. Specifically, we design safety measures like barrier systems, bollards, and more. Our inventory includes many important items, but our Armco barriers are probably the most popular. Made from the finest materials and available for reasonable prices, they are an ideal solution for many problems.

When using these barriers, you will need either bold down posts or dig in posts. The kind of post you select is vital. You may pick RSJ or Armco Z ones to support your system. What you must be aware of here is the differences that separate the two. That way, you will be able to choose the right one first time.

Z posts are more forgiving

Vehicles can slam into Armco barriers at high speeds and come to a sudden halt. This can result in impacts that are more severe than normal. The driver and vehicle could suffer greater damage as a result. A situation like this might happen whenever there is a solid, stable, and strong RSJ post in position. The more lightweight Z post on the other hand shall collapse on impact. Consequently, the force won’t be as severe.

Strength and cost make all the difference

Both the RSJ and Z section posts carry out the same job. However, what separates the two is strength and cost. RSJ models are the stronger of the pair. They also give you a sturdier base that you can link your system to. Our advice is to employ them in high risk areas since they take the force of the impact.

Lower costs

If you are after some cost savings while still wanting protection, the Z section is your answer. Particularly in cases involving large applications, they are considerably cheaper. They are lightweight and sacrificial. They collapse in a row so they could remove the sting from an impact. Due to their collapsing nature, they are excellent for low risk areas.

The easy way to order Armco barriers and posts

At Cenpart, we provide both Z section posts and P224 rigid heavy duty RSJ ones. Clients all over the UK make use of these posts together with our Armco barriers. They can protect various settings, ensuring a great level of protection.

If our merchandise interests you, feel free to contact us to ask about it or order products.