We are one of the best teams in the UK specialising in barrier systems. In addition, we supply and install them for clients in various industries. This makes for a very comprehensive service. The products are Armco, designed to offer protection in an array of locations.

Many places in the world can have various risks that could allow injury and harm. This is the case if you do not do the correct risk assessments. Without them, the right protection may not be in place. As a result an accident could become very serious.

Today’s requirements

We live in an era of stricter budgetary constrictions and litigation. What’s more, affordability costs are becoming tighter than ever before. Because of this, it is more important to guarantee that the proper health and safety measures exist. This is for every industrial setting. In addition, stable and solid protection of the structure, stock, equipment, and machinery needs to exist.

The best thing you can do is install Armco barrier systems to meet all the requirements. If you are not certain just how tough this form of protection is, allow us to talk to you about it.

These barriers are perfect for use all over industrial buildings. This is because they are capable of withstanding a large variety of impacts from moving vehicles. Said vehicles move at a variety of speeds. With barriers in place, personnel, racking, shelving and other things have the protection they need.

Corrugated steel barriers

With corrugated steel Armco barriers in particular, you galvanise them to BS EN 1461. You do this unless the specifications say different. They are usually 100% recyclable steel too. What this means is that the barrier’s solid steel structure is virtually unbreakable. The harsh elements won’t be able to undermine them. Galvanisation shall also increase the lifespan.

We said before that Armco barrier systems are versatile. In fact, they are so dynamic that you can have them protect picking aisles and pallet racking. They can do the same for wall structures and expensive machines. All of this is while preserving the wellbeing of everything they are protecting.

As for the height of these barriers, you can customise them to be the proper size. With the right attributes, they can deal with the disastrous effects of heavy impacts. This all depends on how and where you use them.

Come to Cenpart for barrier systems

At Cenpart, we have gone to great lengths to ensure our barriers are the best of the bunch. With our stainless steel products, you can find them available in grade 304 and grade 316. The former is suitable for internal applications while the latter is appropriate for external ones. We also have them in brushed/polished or mill finish for a mirror or satin finish.

For more information, feel free to contact us.