In busy working environments where vehicles have to move around inside a property, such as warehouses, it is important to take steps to protect the vehicle, the driver, other people in the area and the fabric of the building too. A comprehensive barrier system will offer the best solution for this, helping you to create a safe environment for all.

The barrier system can help to separate pedestrians from vehicles, creating clear paths for both. This will reduce the risk of injuries and allow people to move around the property more quickly without having to frequently stop to let vehicles pass, enabling more efficient work.

In warehouses, the barriers can also protect shelving and stock stored on it, reducing the risk of damage and losses. Forklifts are useful because they can reach high shelves to load and unload pallets, but they should not be allowed to get too close to the base of the shelf. A barrier system will provide an effective solution to this, keeping forklifts at a safe distance from the shelves.

Barriers can also be used to protect the outer walls of the building, corners and columns. This is important because damage to the structure can cause major problems, including instability in the most severe circumstances. Even when the building remains structurally sound, damage to walls, columns and corners can result in very expensive repair bills.

At Cenpart we specialise in designing bespoke crash barriers and barrier systems for all kinds of commercial and industrial clients. We are incredibly flexible because we are able to supply so many different kinds of products to suit all circumstances. Whether you require Armco barriers, wheel guides, parking posts, corner or column protection we can devise the perfect solution for each client, ensuring that their workplaces are safe and fully protected.

We manufacture all of our products ourselves to ensure we provide both the highest quality and the best value for money. This also means we are able to create bespoke solutions when required. We also provide installation and repairs to make our service truly comprehensive.