We supply a wide range of products that can help make different areas safer. This includes bollards and motorway barriers. Our work allows us to see just how effective these kinds of items are. They can offer protection for buildings or equipment and in some cases they can also prevent injuries and loss of life. You can use them in various settings and circumstances, including on roads.

Keeping People Safe

The UK’s motorway network has seen significant improvements over the past 50 years. As a result the motorways have substantially better safety standards. There are still lots of risks though.

While there tends to be fewer crashes on motorways than other roads, accidents still happen. These are more likely to cause serious harm and even death because of the high speeds vehicles can reach. A crash on a motorway can also create a pile up and hurt other people. Luckily there are safety products that can help.


A motorway crash barrier can stop a vehicle from being able to enter another carriageway. This stops impact with other vehicles or roadside hazards. Without a barrier, vehicles can continue unrestrained. This is much more dangerous than striking a barrier.

Barriers on roads of any kind are helpful for separating lanes. In addition, they are great for when a road is next to a body of water or a bridge. This is as well as when there are obstacles on the roadside like trees, or if there is a steep drop.

You need barriers which will perform the way you need them to upon impact which includes a degree of flexibility. The purpose of this is so that it absorbs some of the energy from an accident to contain the impact. It means that if a vehicle collides with the barrier, there is less damage and a significantly smaller chance of a fatality. It will redirect the vehicle along the line of the barrier to prevent it from turning around, flipping, or entering the stream of traffic.

An Effective Solution With Cenpart

Motorway barriers are one of the different forms of protection we can help you with. They are affordable and relatively easy to set up where you need them. We work to provide the right system for a wide number of situations. All you need to do is reach out to us and we can begin establishing the best solution for your specifications.