Anyone who works with high rise structures or at elevated heights needs to be fully protected. It is important to use equipment that ensures uncompromising levels of safety. If you or your team work with ladders, all equipment must be sturdy in order to prevent accidents and keep everyone safe. Your ladder system must have the capacity to hold any weight at any time. Traditional ladders have certain weaknesses and can lead to injuries. We provide a wide range of security and barrier safety products to help defend your staff from the risk of accidents, including our high calibre Axess ladder system.

It stands to reason that a piece of equipment or structure that stands alone without being secured to the wall or ground can fall. Ladders are also vulnerable to heavy vehicles. Our ladder systems offer a comprehensive solution to these issues, as they consist of separate components that once assembled present a solid and reliable structure.

Our systems have been specially designed and developed to suit a diverse range of applications. We keep a complete collection of components in stock and we are able to swiftly and efficiently fill every order. We will ask for your precise floor dimensions and measurements and quickly produce your protective ladder systems. Our team will then assemble your system at our own facility and save you money by eliminating any site visits and assessments.

Our services are kept entirely flexible in order to satisfy every request we receive. Health and safety is at the top of our list of priorities, and we assure our clients that our products are put together in compliance with British standards. Your ladder systems will be delivered in flat pack form for ease of transport and on site assembly. We use interchangeable parts, and there is no request we cannot meet. Should you encounter any issue with your system we will thoroughly assess, identify and rectify the problem.

Our Axess ladder systems furnish your workplace with safety and long term assurance. We have been successfully engineering and delivering our barrier safety products for many years and we can offer a wide range of solutions, from column protection to handrails and access control systems.