We are a thriving company that is unequivocally dedicated to the pursuit of ultimate safety on our national motorways. We offer the finest examples in protection and have developed into a leading name in the sector. The steel crash barrier industry possesses an inherent demand for the finest quality products and services. Our Armco motorway barriers have earned a reputation of unparalleled excellence, and this is testament to the exhaustive efforts on our part to simply create and deliver the finest examples of quality.

When it comes to safety there can be no cutting of corners and no consideration of compromise. It is our obligation to ensure the greatest levels of protection. The quality of our products is unmatched and they exceed all expectations. They play a crucial role in the safeguarding of the public and we ensure everyone that each and every product is manufactured to deliver. Our policy has always been to create products that will never require replacement. Strength and durability offer longevity and peace of mind.

Steel crash barriers can be implemented in a multitude of locations and environments. Thanks to the legendary F1 commentator Murray Walker, Armco barriers have taken on the generic identity of the crash barriers that are placed around racetracks. The barriers are in place to offer complete protection to both the drivers and the crowd. Walker’s quote “Just a slight impact on the Armco barrier – that won’t slow this driver down” is true testament to the power of the barriers and the defence they offer.

The purpose of motorway barriers is to prevent the crossing of cars and other vehicles from one carriageway to another. They also serve to successfully prevent vehicles entering or having an impact on an existing roadside hazard. It is a reality that accidents that occur on the motorway require careful control, as they can quickly escalate and result in pile ups. The ultimate aim is to do our very best to avoid accidents and prevent injuries and loss of life. These motorway barriers play a part in something we refer to as containment. Impact is often the cause of the serious injuries people sustain, but the barriers are designed to specifically absorb much of the energy caused by the crash. This enables redirection of the vehicle along the barrier line so that it does not spin around or return to the traffic stream.

Barriers are implemented to protect every road user and their performance depends on the capacity for effective containment along with the working width of the barrier. This contributes to the level of deflection that occurs upon impact. It is imperative that the appropriate barrier is implemented on every road as the wrong kind could lead to an increased risk for drivers.

Our barriers are regularly used in many other applications such as industrial and commercial locations. They offer versatility and flexibility and can be suitably placed in internal and external locations such as warehouses, quaysides, loading bays and yards. Due to the fact that the barriers were originally designed and constructed for use on roads the time that has passed has allowed for innovative development. The barriers are now easily utilised in many interior and exterior environments.

The presence of barriers can save you staggering amounts of money as they prevent accidents and impacts that would likely result in extensive damage to buildings along with internal and external machinery and stock. Prevention is undeniably better than cure, and the prudent installation of barriers is the simple way to furnish yourself with protection and peace of mind. In the modern business and economic world it is in the interests of every employer to ensure there is sufficient space at all times between staff and potentially dangerous locations such as drop off and fall sites. Furthermore, it is inherently important to separate employees from plant machinery such as forklift trucks.

We provides the ultimate barriers for a plethora of professional premises, along with the motorway barriers that have become synonymous with supreme levels of road safety throughout the UK.