Having a strong safety culture can really benefit businesses in many industries. It can help reduce losses and accidents in the workplace, and also improve quality. In addition, it can help the company to build a really great reputation. To instil this culture though you need to ensure you have the right things in place. This includes the proper infrastructure and the right attitude towards things like barrier safety. Suitable training is also vital.


The first thing you need to do is build the right workplace environment. To do this you may need to use different kinds of barriers in various locations. These can be to help create separation between vehicles like forklifts and pedestrians. They can also help to protect important assets like loading bays and shelving.


Once the infrastructure is in place, you need to ensure personnel have the correct training. You should teach them why the safety features are there and how they need to behave around them. Give the personnel time so they can change any old habits they may have. It is also a good idea to delegate responsibility for maintaining safety standards.


This goes hand in hand with training. While you may be confident you are teaching people the right ways to behave, you need to make sure they are taking it seriously. The last thing you want is people who intentionally cut corners or don’t do the things they need to. This defeats the objective of having a safety culture.

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