A vehicle such as a lorry or a forklift can cause a great deal of damage, especially if it goes out of control. As a result, it is a really good idea to install barriers in high risk areas. This kind of barrier safety measure is something you will be happy to have in place. It will protect the structure as well as any stock. In addition, it stops people from getting potentially seriously hurt.

Heavy and large vehicles might be used for criminal intentions. For instance, people may use them for ram raiding or with the purpose to cause harm. The damage to buildings, people, and businesses can be disastrous. You also have to keep in mind that a wayward vehicle can result in a collision unintentionally. This error can still cause extensive and costly damage to sites and loading bays.

Protection with lorry barriers

With a few barriers in the right places you can help prevent these situations from occurring. Furthermore, they can reduce the damage that occurs. Heavy duty Armco crash barriers made from corrugated steel offer complete protection from vehicles. Plus, while you need to protect items like machinery and buildings from harm, you also need to consider people. The right barrier safety measures could potentially save a life.

People often don’t realise that barriers have uses outside of roads and motorways. However, you can install them in areas such as construction sites, warehouses, and car parks. Other examples include outside buildings, on loading docks, and to keep traffic and pedestrians separate.

At the right height barriers are able to offer maximum protection. For instance, when you install a 760mm high barrier, this will protect against the impact of HGVs. This is perfect for lorry yards and other places where there are large vehicles.

Make the investment in barrier safety today

You will not have to worry about a collision when you place lorry barriers in the right areas. This kind of reassurance can be vital for business owners and health and safety professionals.

So, if you are looking to get your hands on barriers to keep vehicles from going where they should not, give Cenpart a call. We understand that there are many situations where barrier safety is crucial. We will provide you with a tailored solution to your needs.