There are many potential contributing factors to traffic accidents, such as drivers paying insufficient attention and defective, illegal or under-inflated tyres. Reports from the third quarter of 2015 show that serious road accidents in the UK are becoming less frequent, despite the rising numbers of vehicles on the roads. 23,700 people were seriously injured or killed on the roads during this time, which reflects a 3% decrease from the same time period previous year.

This decrease may be down to the improvements in roadside safety measures, such as barriers. We are a dedicated team of security specialists and we have been manufacturing and supplying road and motorway crash barriers for many years. As a leading sector name, our customers can always rely on the quality, strength and durability of our products.

Our crash barriers are specially designed and constructed to provide the most effective crash prevention benefits. Their purpose is to absorb the impact of a collision. When a vehicle crashes on a motorway, it is very likely that the force will send it hurtling back into the traffic. It may even find its way to roadside hazards or the other carriageway. Barriers work by taking the brunt of the impact and directing the crashed vehicle safely onto the barrier line.

Barriers can reduce the possibility of pile ups, severe injuries and casualties. Each of our products offers the ultimate in protection, and is based on extensive research and development to find the most appropriate designs, techniques and materials.

Our products are accompanied by an efficient and comprehensive installation service. A barrier’s capacity for containment affects its performance, so it is essential that each barrier is strategically and appropriately placed to ensure maximum deflection and offer protection to motorists and passengers.

Along with placement on motorways and roads, our barriers are utilised in a wide range of commercial and industrial environments and their versatility enables protection of workers, equipment and stock in a host of different applications and locations. No matter what your safety requirements may be, our crash barriers will meet the challenge.