One of the reasons why Armco barriers have become such a trusted and renowned name is their sheer versatility. We can provide you with the barriers you need for any setting or context, in any configuration, completely personalised to the needs of your workplace. When you are using Armco barriers, you don’t have to settle for generic layouts that may not be perfect for your requirements, but can instead get a completely individual solution.

Available in many different configurations and variations, with many different accessories, the possibilities of Armco barriers are endless. With flexible corners, they can be placed to suit any angle, and accessories such as handrails and anti-climbing mesh ensure that they offer superior safety for pedestrians and drivers alike. This is why they can be seen in such a huge variety of different settings, from motorways and motor racing tacks to roads, warehouses, car parks, loading bays and many more.

As the barriers consist of strong posts with beams going across them, they can be configured in any number of rows, which means they can be set at any height. They will keep vehicles within their designated areas in places such as car dealership lots and warehouses, and in the event of a collision, they will greatly lessen the impact and ensure that the damage is minimal. For areas where forklift trucks are present, the lower beam can be set flush to the bottom of the post, which means that people and structures in the area will be protected effectively.

We can install Armco barriers in many different places and settings. The requirements in a setting where vehicles are predominant, such as a motorway, will be different to the requirements of a pedestrian area; we are equipped with the products and accessories to suit both types of areas. From unmade ground to concrete and tarmac, our knowledgeable team can ensure that the barriers are installed to be as sturdy and secure as possible, using the most suitable installation method to fulfil your individual requirements.