Looking back in time, it is a little difficult to imagine the amount of work and all the trials and errors of ideas that have led us to the present state of our roads. We could make an educated guess on how our road systems came to be. Perhaps the first roads came to be from the common use of a specific route leading people from point A to point B. The more people used a specific pathway, the more likely that it was set as an established path. In time it was only logical that improvements would be implemented on said path to aid in the quality of travel. Much like back in those early days, today we continue to put all of our efforts into perfecting routes and roads. The main difference in present times is that we take the safety of our people and the efficiency of our systems into account through the addition of safety measures such as motorway barriers.

The evolution of the different means of transportation created by man has certainly changed a lot throughout our history. We started on foot, then rode horses, pulled carriages, used animals to drag vehicles, and so on and so forth. But it wasn’t until the invention of the first cars that roads saw a huge change.

With these powerful vehicles capable of achieving higher speeds, safety soon became a serious concern to address. Driving licenses, and traffic guidelines were soon implemented only to become part of legislation in later years. Further research and development efforts led to more effective road improvements to be made in order to bring drivers and passengers around the world, a smooth and safe ride through motorways.

Today, you cannot go for a drive without seeing some sort of structure created specifically for the purpose of safety. Concrete median barriers, for example, are commonly found in high speed motorways and used to prevent accidents between vehicles travelling in opposite directions. Incidentally, because of the level of security that they provide, as of 2006 their use have become mandatory in many motorways. Another example of safety measures on the road are traffic lights, which dictate which lanes have right of way in specific instances. Occasionally when it’s road work season you will also find a wide range of high visibility plastic barriers that simply help to lead the way and block vehicles from driving over dangerous paths.

Another easy to spot safety measure you are likely to encounter are motorway barriers. These are often made out of durable steel and securely installed to bring maximum protection in the case of collision. In the UK they are popularly referred to as Armco barriers, since it was one of the most important export products from a company known as Armco. Today this company is called AK Steel Holding, and they continue to be one of the most important companies in the steel production industry. As a curious fact, these crash barriers have been long used in racing tracks, and so competitors often refer to them as simply Armco, much like vacuum cleaners are referred to as Hoovers after a well known brand name.

These types of barriers are not only used in race tracks and motorways, but also indoors and out to protect vulnerable structures as well as pedestrians who often transit the area. Their durability and reliability have made these a very popular product when it comes to the protection of buildings and people in all settings.

We specialise in the distribution and installation of a variety of steel security and protection products, for commercial, industrial, and residential locations. We are knowledgeable in the range of products we offer which in addition to motorway barriers include gates for access control, handrails, protection for corners and columns, and environmental acoustic barriers, among others. We are a knowledgeable and experienced team who will work closely with you and your contractors to insure the layouts planned and their installation are carried out to perfection.

Having been in this business for many years, we have gained a lot of insight and experience in working in a variety of settings. You can trust that we will always bring you the best personalised attention to fulfil your requirements. Our main goals are to help you protect your assets with reliable physical security systems fit for the specific needs at hand, including motorway barriers to help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on roads throughout the entire UK.