Although there are far fewer crashes on UK motorways than on any other road, they do have a higher chance of being fatal, due to the large amount of crashes on motorways generally escalating to involve multiple cars. There are a number of inherent dangers on a motorway, from fast-moving and constant traffic to changes in the surface of road and the weather conditions. In order to provide protection in the majority of cases, motorway barriers are erected along vast stretches of the road. Made out of steel and usually made by Armco, these barriers are at the forefront of protection for every road user who finds themselves using the motorway to travel.

Armco barriers are forged out of galvanised steel and are built in such a way to provide comprehensive protection for any cars that collide with them. The ductility of steel means that a car, upon impact with it, will ‘bounce’ off and the energy will be transferred in such a way that the car will continue to travel along the barrier. This prevents a sudden stop, which can significantly reduce the risk of injury, and ensures that the car does not burst through the barrier and cause potentially catastrophic damage. The steel of the motorway barriers helps to absorb the impact and prevents the car from overturning or otherwise mounting the barrier which would risk further damage occurring. Obviously, crash barriers need to be created and installed in such a way to benefit all road users. They need to be able to contain the threat of cars and heavier vehicles, providing enough strength to ensure the threat is contained and that nobody is put at risk.

Crashes are not always down to careless driving; most crashes occur because of reasons outside the driver’s control, such as a failure of the car or even ice or liquid on the road, leading to slippage. This means that barriers are absolutely vital, providing an active way in which to contain the danger and providing a means of reducing the risk of damage or fatality where possible. We understand the sheer importance of Armco barriers. This is why we provide them in a wide variety of different styles and shapes, allowing them to be used across the length and breadth of motorways up and down the UK. They are erected in either single or double row formats to provide customisable levels of protection, with a variety of ends and caps available to either protect pedestrians or to prevent the car from stopping suddenly should the car hit the edge of a barrier. These barriers mostly have ends which slope up onto the barrier, preventing the car from smashing into the barrier and risking a serious injury or fatality for the driver.

We also supply motorway barriers made to a variety of different radii, which are important for curves on the motorway in order to protect drivers. These radii barriers are particularly useful as they help to protect areas which can’t be protected by ordinary barriers. These are important especially for the exterior of the motorway. The central reservation of the motorway isn’t the only part of the road that requires a barrier as a crash to the outside of the motorway can prove to be just as damaging. Armco barriers help ensure that any vehicle involved in an incident isn’t going to smash through the barrier and hurtle into a field, a river or into an oncoming lane.

Motorway barriers continue to evolve but steel motorway barriers remain a stalwart when it comes to protection. They are relatively easy to remove and install and can also be recycled at the end of their life. The constant high volume of traffic passing through the motorways in the UK means that these barriers, which can be quickly replaced when needed, continue to serve their purpose well. When we supply the barriers you wish to install, you can always rest assured that they will offer superior strength, durability and protection from the many dangers facing drivers on the road, whether they are installed along a motorway or another area which faces potential danger from vehicles.