Motorway barriers are a necessity of life on the roads all around the world. Even if we lived in a world where everyone drove perfectly in accordance with the law, accidents happen. These can be caused by mechanical failures in cars, factors such as ice on the road, or unforeseen circumstances and distractions which mean drivers need to take evasive actions to avoid harm, injuries and fatalities from being caused. Motorway barriers are essential to deflect the impact of cars, separate different lanes of traffic from each other, and generally reduce the risks posed when driving along a motorway at high speeds. We are the recognized name for the safest systems possible. The Armco crash barriers we provided have a proud track record across the world in protecting motorists and limiting the damage caused by traffic accidents and other incidents.

Many driving on the roads might believe that the highly visible and yet unobtrusive steel Armco barriers are in place purely because they are far more attractive to the eye than other forms of crash barriers. Whilst it is true that Armco barriers are a good deal less intimidating and not as unpleasant to look at as, for example, concrete walls, the reason for their use is not really related to aesthetic qualities. These motorway barriers can be seen in so many locations purely because they are the most effective measures available to protect people and limit the damage caused by crashes.

The corrugated steel properties of Armco motorway barriers has been carefully planned and developed to offer the maximum protection possible. The natural strength of the steel means it is virtually impossible for a car to be able to crash through it, even when they are travelling at a high speed. The design, however, allows for a high flexibility capacity when impact occurs. When a car hits an Armco barrier, the barrier bends inwards and absorbs the impact. This effectively brings the vehicle in question to a stop in the fastest way possible, and does so in way that avoids the sudden shock and jolting to people in the car that would be the case if they hit a concrete barrier.

Bringing an out of control vehicle to a stop is a priority on any motorway. With the ever-increasing volumes of traffic on our roads, any incident in which a car crashes carries the risks of a large number of people being harmed. The unique qualities of Armco barriers work in a way that offers the best protection possible against one unfortunate incident turning into a major accident. Unlike their concrete counterparts, these steel motorway barriers can be designed and manufactured to meet the exact curves and turns of a road. This means they offer a consistent level of protection along a whole stretch of road that simply cannot be equalled by other systems and materials.

The highly effective nature of Armco motorway barriers on motorways and highways has seen them successfully implemented for use in many other settings. We provide Armco crash barriers that offer an assured level of reliable protection in any area where cars and vehicles are present. Over the years we have supplied and installed crash barrier systems for use in docks and ports, paths and walkways, factories and loading bays and private roads where the owners wish to make absolutely certain that no vehicle strays off the sides of the road. In all cases, Armco barriers have served to both protect motorists from greater harm befalling then and to protect buildings and the environment from the damage caused by a crash.

We can provide a complete, all-in-one solution to all your requirements when it comes to the supply and installation of motorway barriers. We supply all of the parts and equipment associated with Armco barriers, which means you make sure you have a purpose built barrier system in place. Our expertise and know-how also means that you always have the benefit of our insights and advice in regards of getting the best from a motorway crash barrier system. We are always happy to discuss the needs and requirements of your project, helping you in any way that we can to ensure you have the most suitable, reliable form of protection possible.