A barrier system can offer an essential form of protection in numerous locations. A prime example of this is the motorway barriers that are in place throughout the UK.

Saving lives

When you travel along motorways in Britain, you will find that crash barriers are a prominent feature that lines the roads. Their purpose is to prevent vehicles from leaving the road when there is an accident. They also help dissipate some of the energy of the impact to protect people in vehicles.

A vehicle that leaves the road at a high speed is incredibly dangerous. It can damage and destroy almost everything it comes into contact with, including buildings. The threat to life is not only to those within the vehicle and the one it has possibly collided with. Anyone else in the vicinity, including people on foot, can get seriously hurt.

A crucial system

While the rail of a barrier is strong, the posts are relatively flimsy. The reason for this is to allow a degree of flexibility which helps dissipates the kinetic energy from a collision. This lets the posts move and flex when a vehicle collides with it. As a result, it will slow the vehicle down rather than making it catapult back across the road to reduce the damage.

The barrier that you will most likely be familiar with is the Armco, or ‘W’, style. This tends to be used as a roadside barrier on the outer edges of motorways. They are also in areas with specific roadside hazards and high risk corners. Another important use is on roads and motorways with little median space. You can place barriers which will protect both sides and prevent crossover head on collisions.

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