All workplaces can benefit when they adopt comprehensive safety procedures and implement the right systems. This can prevent injuries and also provides peace of mind. Armco barriers for one can make a huge difference in reducing the number of accidents in the workplace.

There are many locations where you should think about having permanent barriers. We look at some of them below.

Where vehicles travel often

A safety barrier can be very helpful when it comes to distinguishing areas with high traffic from the property and work areas. You should look at those with a fluorescent paint colour or reflective strips for night time use and areas with low visibility. You can protect traffic paths, the property, and work areas from issues such as collisions with the use of barriers. This could come from vehicles such as a small cart, forklift, and pallet truck.

At the entry and exit

You should also think about having barriers at the main entry and exit ways. Hoop barriers are a good choice for these areas, especially when you plan on parking large machinery close to walkways. This type of barrier has many uses, including protecting machines and pedestrians.

Along danger zones

It is also a good idea to place barriers along the perimeter of dangerous areas. This includes places with heavy machinery and equipment that could cause bodily harm. In addition to this, use them in zones where access is restricted.

You need to take care when you measure for barriers to make sure they enclose the entire area. Another vital thing to do is use warning signs so that employees and visitors are aware of their surroundings.

These places are a few examples of where barriers can help your workspace. You should consult the safety coordinator when placing them. In addition, reach out to a specialist provider of Armco barriers to come up with the best solution for your safety needs.

We can work with you to get a better idea of your needs and provide you with a suitable barrier system. If you are looking for expert help, reach out to the Cenpart team today.