You can try your hardest to be the safest driver on the road, but accidents can still occur despite your best efforts. The reality is that drivers and vehicles sometimes lose control, and whether poor driving or vehicular failure are responsible it is crucial to equip motorways and roads with sufficient protection to prevent damage and fatalities.

Armco crash barriers are the recognised name for providing ultimate protection to vehicles and drivers. There have in the past been many incidents that have resulted in major motorway accidents due to a lack of crash barriers, and it is our aim to reduce the possibility of these incidents. The barriers were originally developed to offer protection to racetracks and motorways, but they are now utilised in a wide range of situations. The barrier systems are constructed from corrugated steel and they work by absorbing the impact of vehicles moving at high and low speeds. They are effective in exterior and internal locations and can withstand great force.

When a vehicle collides on the road, the barrier helps to prevent the passage to the opposite carriageway and reduce the risk to other drivers. Due to the versatility of the barriers, they are also the perfect solution to the potential dangers presented by heavy moving vehicles at sites such as quaysides, docks and warehouses. Placing the barrier systems in the right on site spot can successfully prevent damage to stock and building fabrication along with protecting your visitors and employees.

We also provide the open box beam which is the perfect product for the situations that require slightly more protection. Central reservations, bridges and plant machinery typically require the open box beam as it is constructed from thicker galvanised steel than the Armco barrier and possesses more rigidity. The beams are extremely versatile as they have an open back design which means their position can easily be altered whenever necessary. The beams are attached to the posts with special clamp plates and a single bolt. This ensures secure fixing of the beams as well as substantial and convenient flexibility.

We are the leading manufacturers of Armco crash barriers and barrier systems for non highway applications. Our extensive product range delivers protection to people and structures that are susceptible to damage from errant moving vehicles.