Safety and crash barriers are two things you see on the motorways all the time. However, there are also designs to protect structures and people. They require different properties to their counterparts though. As specialists in barrier safety, we have no problem providing them.

In the majority of facilities, there are going to be several dangers. However, the shipping dock tends to have far more than your average area. All you need to do here is step back and witness the activities taking place. Do so, and you will realise how busy it is. There are hazards such as falling off the dock, vehicles reversing into it, collisions between vehicles and people, and more. You need to consider all of them to keep everyone safe.

Physical security

Firstly, you will need some decent physical security. The type of facility you are operating does not matter. You are still going to have a large number of valuable items entering and exiting the shipping docks. Therefore, you are going to want to install barriers to prevent any damage from impacts. At the same time, you can use the barriers to stop other workers from coming in harm’s way. It is possible for this to happen when vehicles start spinning out of control.


This is something else you can use to minimise damages. It can also help you enhance safety throughout the facility. Take some time to check that each new employee can do their job. At the same time, you can make certain they can move around safely. This is critical for anyone working at a shipping dock. Training does not only help the new workers though. Frequent sessions can help everyone else retain and build their skills.

Talk to us about barrier safety

At Cenpart, we supply barriers to clients who need to protect various non-highway environments. Our barrier systems allow users to combat the risks from low speed vehicles. If you want to prevent as much damage as possible, these are the best options.

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