The aim of motorway barriers is to reduce the impact of vehicular collisions on roads. Research of previous accidents highlights the fact that they serve an extremely important role on motorways across the country, and successfully contribute to improved safety, lowering the amount of fatalities per year. Armco crash barriers are the UK’s most well known type.

If a vehicle travelling at relatively high speeds collides with a post or a tree, it can cause a lot of damage not only to the vehicle, but possibly pedestrians and also the driver. Sometimes fatalities can even occur. However, when a vehicle collides with a specialised crash barrier, the risk is greatly reduced. This is due to the fact that the barrier is designed to absorb the impact and limit the amount of damage done as a result. Lampposts and trees are unable to absorb the energy of a crash and, instead, reflect it back onto the vehicle. In some cases this can cause it to spin out of control and cause even further damage. Therefore, safety can be thoroughly increased with the installation of motorway barriers in the right places.

Our barriers are renowned in the industry and we’re the preferred choice for many organisations as we offer superior safety. All of the items we provide are a reflection of our determination to deliver exceptional quality in the security and protection sector. We’ve spent a number of years perfecting our products through thorough and extensive tests. During the design process, every detail is assessed meticulously to ensure high standards. We take pride in being able to deliver complete safety.

If you require motorway barriers or barrier systems for use in any other setting or workplace, we are the only company you need. We’re committed to preventing accidents on roads across the country and aim to protect people in many different environments. We regularly provide and install barriers in warehouses, loading bays and industrial locations across the UK, so regardless of your requirements we can offer the help you need.