Bollards are essential installations in many different settings, from warehouses to car parks to loading bays. They provide a visual marker which defines different areas for the benefit of drivers and pedestrians, they help to restrict access to certain areas, and they are able to withstand the impact of a knock, scrape or collision from a vehicle. They are also often used for decorative purposes, and can be constructed in a wide variety of different styles, shapes and designs.

However, due to the nature of their use, bollards are often vulnerable to being scratched and scuffed by vehicles, leading to not only an unappealing look for your premises. Fortunately, we can provide the solutions you need to protect your bollards and preserve their appearance and their use for as long as possible, even when they are situated in potentially vulnerable areas.

We specialise in all types of barrier safety, and we have a range of top quality bollard covers which allow you defend your bollards from damage and also update and improve their appearance, without the hassle and expense of completely replacing them. If you have bollards which are looking scuffed and shabby but are structurally still in good condition, these covers are perfect.

As an added bonus, our bollard covers can also be used to make your bollards more visible to drivers, reducing the chances of a collision and increasing their barrier safety. They are available in multi-band colours, which would be very difficult and time-consuming to paint accurately. With these covers, you simply fit them over the bollard and you have the appearance you want in a fraction of the time.

The covers are designed to be extremely easy to fit; they come in segments which can be simply clicked together, completely encasing the bollard and providing a snug fit. As they come in sections, you can create any colour combination you wish and make sure your bollards match the aesthetics of your property.