Loading bays can be hazardous places because of the close proximity of vehicles, your property and the people working in it. They serve an essential purpose in letting you load and unload goods without exposing them to the elements but there are many hazards to deal with. Companies looking to promote safety and avoid accidents need to take careful steps to ensure the working environment is as safe as it can be.

Reversing vehicles are the most dangerous aspect of a loading bay. Drivers need to be able to easily determine where they need to position their lorry and where to stop. This can be difficult to do, especially if they only have markings on the surface to guide them. A better option is to install barriers. These can help drivers to line up their vehicles and also prevent them from accidentally damaging the property if they reverse too far.

There are several types of barrier to help you make your loading bay a safer place. You could choose Armco barriers or open box systems to prevent lorries from reversing too far and colliding with the property, install wheel guides to help with positioning and even opt for bollards if you don’t want a full barrier. If bays are close together the wheel guides are twice as useful because they clearly identify spaces and prevent drivers from encroaching on another bay.

We offer a wide range of barrier systems, including Armco barriers, and are committed to offering the best guidance to consumers. We will help you to choose the perfect products and create a safer environment for all concerned. We manufacture all products ourselves using the latest techniques and equipment alongside the best raw materials. Quality is very important to us and we have several controls in place to ensure that every product we offer meets the exact specifications it is meant to.

Alongside manufacturing we also offer installation and additional support. When it comes to utilising barriers and other products to improve workplace safety we truly excel and have the experience to prove it. If you want to make your loading bays safer and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, we can help.