Crash barriers are mostly seen in areas such as dual carriageways, motorways and private roads, providing boundaries to prevent accidents. Barriers are also used in a number of other areas where vehicles are present, including warehouses and loading bays. When a vehicle veers off the road, barriers can stop them from travelling further and to absorb the energy from impact, reducing the risk of serious damage, fatalities and injuries.

On UK roads there are certain regulations in place for barrier systems, one of which is the fact that they should be a minimum of 30 metres long when approaching a bridge or other area where there is a risk of falling. Although there are a variety of barriers to choose from, those used on roads should also be 0.61 meters to the middle of the beam in height.

In the UK, motorways barriers must conform to European EN1217 Standards, meaning that they have been thoroughly tested against certain criteria to make sure that they provide the ultimate level of protection. Crash tests should be carried out using 1.5 tonne vehicles travelling at 70mph, hitting barriers at a 20 degree angle. This helps re-enact what would happen in real life settings. Barriers that are designed for larger vehicles, such as those used in warehouses, should be tested with 38 tonne vehicles travelling 40mph with the same angle.

Many different types of barriers are used, the most common of which include steel wire variations, concrete and steel beam Armco styles. Some of these are flexible and others are rigid, allowing them to be used in a number of situations. Barrier safety is a vital consideration in many different settings, saving the lives of thousands of people each year, and it’s important to use the right type of barrier for your specific situation.

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