It is easy to spot safety and crash barriers on motorways. The thing is that the characteristics of these barrier systems differ from those for keeping structures and people safe in locales like factories, service yards, and car parks. Fortunately, we have a solution in the form of our Armco barriers. We can create the perfect products and also devise the right layout.

Loading bays

One area that sees frequent movement is the loading bay. Both pedestrians and vehicles move here. As a result, installing crash barriers is a critical part of lowering the risks.

Within these bays, it is not odd to see lorries, forklifts and similar heavy vehicles moving among workers. They are normally trying to load and unload items. To guarantee safety, you can use a barrier system to outline certain sectors. This creates separation and therefore reduces the potential of an accident.


Barriers can effectively reduce the risk of damage and injury if there is a collision in a loading bay. However, the installation can offer other benefits too. Most importantly they can reduce the potential of a fall.

Bays tend to be several feet off the ground so that goods can move easily between the building and the back of a lorry. This is high enough to injure people who fall. A barrier can prevent this by clearly marking the edge and preventing people from passing to the side of the vehicle.

The HSE’s word on the matter

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have actually had something to say on this matter. They said that wherever there is a risk of falling off bays or platforms in loading areas, you might have to fence them.

There are numerous ways of accomplishing this. Using secure guardrails is one of them. Of course, you must design them so you can pass goods under and over the rail safely. Armco barriers are incredibly visible too. This makes it easy for you to see them when a vehicle starts reversing into a loading bay. Again, this makes it clear where it is and is not allowed to go.

At Cenpart, we design barriers that have a better chance of getting hit by low speed vehicles at a squarer angle. With our barriers, you have proven protection for your structure and workers against moving vehicles. They are durable as well as long lasting.

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