Recently, there was an incident reported in the news which involved a car crashing into a smoking shelter located outside a popular South Wales nightclub. The crash caused substantial damage to the property and left 13 people injured and in need of medical attention. This incident demonstrates why crash barriers should be strategically placed at locations likely to suffer incidents like this one.

The individual believed to have caused the crash has been arrested on suspicion of driving recklessly while under the influence of alcohol, but these kinds of crashes can happen for many reasons other than drivers disobeying the law, such as ice on the road or a failure in the vehicle’s functioning. This is why protective measures must be understood and implemented wherever possible in order to minimise the risks.

One effective way to limit the damage caused by incidents such as this is to install crash barriers on roads where there is a lot of heavy traffic, a high presence of pedestrians or both. There is no possible way of guaranteeing that an incident of this nature does not happen again, but barrier systems offer a practical and reliable defence against recklessness or a genuine accident.

We represent Armco barriers, which are recognised around the world as being one of the safest and most practical. They are highly effective at bringing an out of control car to a stop as quickly as possible whilst also protecting the people and property in the area. Most commonly this system is used in the centre of motorways in order to stop a high speed incident on one side from spilling over and affecting the other, but it is also increasingly being used for corners and pavements along busy roads.

When you are in need of professional design, manufacturing and installation services for crash barriers, we are the foremost team to work with. Our services are dedicated toward securing the places where we meet, walk, work and live and protecting them from the threat of vehicular accidents.