Traffic signs and street lamps tend to bear the brunt of many car accidents. If you take a quick glance through related news stories, you will soon see that rarely has a week gone by without one of them being hit by a vehicle. When this happens it’s quite often the case that the inconvenience caused by the initial accident goes on for quite some time, as the traffic sign or street light may not be repaired or replaced immediately. Luckily, barrier systems can provide a suitable solution. Our column protectors have an exceptional track record for protecting poles and columns across the country.

We create and supply a wide range of Armco barriers, motorway barriers, and column protectors, designed for different types of columns and poles. We are always focused on which form would be most suitable for various different environments, providing a bespoke service to ensure we can bring optimum protection to each setting. We have a dual focus, ensuring both that the pole is protected and that the damage to the vehicle is as limited as possible. All our barriers and protection systems are constructed using top quality materials to ensure long lasting, robust protection and an excellent return on your investment.

Our column protectors are widely used in the car parks of supermarkets and shopping centres. These car parks are typically very large and usually feature street lighting. While it is true that car parks of this nature generally have a low speed limit, it is sadly not the case that everyone obeys it. It also doesn’t take a very high speed crash to cause extensive damage to a street light or cause serious injury to people in the vehicle. For these reasons, it is important to take all possible measures to avoid such an incident. Our column protectors ensure that damage is limited as far as possible when incidents of this nature happen.