We are a trusted name when it comes to crash barriers, protection and security. When we first established our company it was with the express intention of supplying Armco barriers as means of protection to various areas of industry. The barriers are widely used on motorways, but there are many other situations and locations that can benefit from them. We supply and successfully install an impressive range of products to a whole host of environments. There are many inherent dangers and potential threats present at the sites we serve. Loading bays, docks and car parks all have their share of dangerous equipment and machinery and it is our role to provide products and crash barriers that offer protection from damage.

Structural columns are often extremely vulnerable. As they stand at the access point of most buildings, they are likely to incur impact from a moving vehicle on occasion. The need to provide optimal protection to vertical columns is clear, as they are responsible for the structural integrity of the building. Car parks see a constant stream of traffic entering and exiting, which means the potential for collisions. The columns that underpin the car park levels must be able to withstand impact from moving vehicles. Not only do columns need to be protected, butt people in the area could also be vulnerable should an accident occur.

When a collision happens, the damage to your building and subsequent repairs can lead to high expense and loss of business. We offer supreme column protection that not only satisfies all requirements but also exceeds all expectations. There is no substitute for putting adequate protection in place as it will save you time and money in the long term, as well as keeping your staff safe.

Our column protection products are the perfect solution for industry use and along with our extensive range of corner guards, handrails, bollards, hoop barriers and crash barriers we are the finest choice when seeking protection products and barrier systems.