The main aim of motorway barriers is to diminish the impact and resulting damage of vehicular collisions.  Research of road and motorway accidents highlights the fact that the barriers serve an important purpose and successfully contribute to the reduction of severe damage and road fatalities.

Armco crash barriers are widely known for the protection they offer to motorways and professional racing tracks, but there are of course many accidents that occur in different locations. When travelling in residential areas there is always a need to drive as safely as possible.  Despite our best efforts, accidents can and do happen, and records show high numbers of traffic collisions involving single cars and singular structures such as lampposts and free standing signs.

Colliding with a tree or post can have a catastrophic impact. The driver and passengers of the car as well as any nearby pedestrians can be severely hurt and even lose their lives. Collision with a crash barrier, however, is much less likely to result in severe injuries and damage as the barrier absorbs the impact of the crash. A tree or lamppost cannot absorb any of the energy and the impact of the crash is re-directed towards the vehicle involved. If the vehicle is spun it presents great danger to people, buildings and objects in close proximity. The associated dangers can be reduced by installing crash barriers at specific points and locations.

Our crash barriers are the industry preferred products, offering superior barrier safety. Every product we provide is a reflection of our determination to deliver protection in security and steel. Our entire product range is thoroughly tested and our design processes are meticulously carried out. We pay attention to every detail and we ensure every protection product offers full safety.

We developed our barrier safety products to offer a diverse range of solutions to industry. Our commitment to the prevention of accidents and protecting people extends to a wide range of environments. We regularly supply to loading bays, warehouses and many industrial locations that utilise heavy vehicles such as forklift trucks. Contact us to see how we can assist you with our first class products and cost-effective service.