Our aim has always been to design and deliver products that offer effective and affordable safety and security solutions. We are renowned for being a trusted and leading supplier of crash barriers and Armco barriers for motorways, roads, racetrack circuits and other industrial locations such as loading bays, docks and warehouses. With regard to motorways, the aim of the barriers is to reduce damage from traffic collisions. Extensive research has revealed that barriers serve an important purpose and make a substantial contribution to the reduction of severe damage and fatalities from road accidents.

Traffic accidents, of course, do not only take place on busy motorways and racecourses. Many accidents take place in residential areas. Records show high numbers of collisions involving single cars and freestanding structures such as lampposts and signs. A single collision with a tree or post can be disastrous. The driver and passengers are at risk of being seriously hurt, and pedestrians in the area are also at risk. Structures such as these cannot absorb the impact of the crash and if the vehicle is spun it becomes a danger to any objects, buildings and people nearby.

A motorway barrier can withstand severe force and impact and reduce the chances of serious damage. We supply a selection of industry preferred crash barriers and Armco barriers which have been thoroughly tested and offer superior safety. They are suitable for use in a wide range of different settings and areas, including residential areas as well as motorways, providing protection for drivers and pedestrians alike. If you require barrier installations which will greatly reduce the dangers of collisions and road accidents, we can provide everything you need. As all systems can be fully customised, they are suitable for use in practically any setting. Just contact us to find out how we can provide a unique barrier system in your chosen setting.