Here in the UK, we have a proud record for road safety. Our stringent testing for drivers and well-maintained roads and vehicles mean that we have a low level of crashes and accidents when compared to other countries. However, we do live in a country where weather conditions can often pose a real challenge for even the best drivers in the safest cars. At times like these, our crash barriers act as an effective safety measure.

At this time of year, our roads and paths inevitably become icy and slippery. Even cars travelling at a reduced speed are still likely to spin or skid. Quite often there are places where such incidents become common during the winter, often known as “black spots”. For example, there is a particular stretch of road in Telford that usually sees one car a month skid and crash through the fencing even when the weather conditions are perfect. The number of cases usually increases as ice covers the road.

Our systems can greatly improve barrier safety when they are installed at these black spots. Armco barriers are designed to stop cars from crashing into pedestrians, buildings and walls and also to stop cars from being pushed back out into traffic on the road. As our systems are bespoke, they can be designed to optimise safety at any location.

No matter how unavoidable a car accident is, it is always a priority to ensure the potential for damage is limited. While most drivers know how to control a crashing or skidding car so that they can avoid further impact, winter road conditions usually work against these efforts. The presence of crash barriers is the best way to limit the damage caused by these situations. Our world class crash barriers having a proven track record of improving safety for all when accidents and incidents happen, protecting pedestrians and drivers alike.