We know that the safety and security provided by our barrier systems goes far beyond their traditional use on roads and highways. Our barriers are used in a growing number of circumstances as they are suitable for many different applications.

The most important feature of barrier systems is that they offer protection. Whilst by definition a barrier is the physical presence of a line that you wish someone or something to not be allowed to cross, our barriers offer protection when such a crossing happens, whether deliberately or by accident. This is of course particularly true when barriers are used alongside roads and motorways.

Armco barriers are widely used on motorways and highways around the world due to the dual functionality they offer. As well as preventing cars hitting them from breaking through, Armco barriers can bring vehicles under control, helping them stop and thus limiting the damage caused. This multi-layered amount of benefit has seen them deployed in many settings apart from on roads. It is now quite common, for example, for us to be asked to install Armco barriers around buildings and structures.

The increase in both the number of buildings and the number of cars on the road has apparently fuelled the higher likelihood of the two being involved in a collision. In the USA alone, there are over 20,000 incidents of this happening every year – a figure which represents nearly 60 times a day that a car crashes into a building. There is some considerable fear that in the UK there will eventually be an even higher level of incidents, due to our buildings traditionally being a lot closer to roads than is the case in the USA. Armco barrier systems are seen as the ideal way to address the problem, as they work to protect the building they surround and to ensure the safety of those in the car as far as possible.

We are the most trusted name in the UK for providing the best and most reliable of Armco barrier safety systems for any protective purpose. Our designs are turned into strong corrugated steel barriers which offer the required level of protection you want and need for a building whilst keeping the presence and visibility of the barrier as unobtrusive as possible. We always work to ensure that our clients get a bespoke solution, designed exclusively to meet their unique requirements.