If you’re looking for a way to effectively augment pre-existing barrier systems, then you cannot get any better or more cost effective than a handrail. Handrails provides efficient security for workers and pedestrians alike, preventing them from falling over a barrier and giving them a means with which to guide themselves. We have a variety of these handrails that we can supply and install on site for you, giving a significant boost to your security measures.

We have three different handrail systems which we can implement. For a more modular system that can be customised extensively, our customers can benefit from our key clamp handrail fittings. This extensive handrail system, when supplied with the tubes, utilises a variety of different clamp styles so that our customers can have the right handrail created for them. The variety of fittings includes corners, crosses, bases, end caps and much more, allowing you to fully create the handrail that is right for the property that you own.

For a fully comprehensive handrail, we have a ball standard handrail system. These offer a custom appearance without a huge price tag. Solid or tubular upright rails are equipped with metal balls of varying sizes which are welded into them at specific points, to which handrails can be welded. This allows for a somewhat bespoke handrail system that can be fitted in any environment. However, if used for stairways and ramps, then we can also provide you with a bespoke handrail that is custom made to fit the specific angles of the ramp or stairway. We also offer bespoke handrails and balustrades that are made to your exact requirements. Whether using your own design drawings or our own computer aided design, we can customise your handrail to your exact standards, and can paint them in any RAL colour or even provide a metallic finish.

Whatever your requirements are for handrails and barrier systems, you can be assured that we can supply them to you, custom made to your exact requirements. When you turn to our team, you can always expect phenomenal customer service and expertly made products at a very cost effective price.