Our goal at Cenpart is to ensure customers can keep their sites safe using Armco products. When it comes to barrier safety, there is no one quite as proficient as we are. The team looks at the requirements of every patron and advises them on what the best solution would be. In addition, we deliver excellent service and an installation service.

You can find Armco barriers in numerous sizes in a wide variety of settings. Because of this, many people ask what the different barrier heights are. The primary goal of introducing these installations is safety. However, to maximise this you must ensure that your goods are fit for purpose.

Those barriers that you install need to be the right size and height. They won’t be able to defend against the major consequences of heavy impacts otherwise. This has to be the case regardless of what it is your barriers are protecting. For instance, it could be expensive machinery, buildings, the workforce, or pedestrians.

Examples of the barrier heights

There are several different examples to look at.

The first is 560mm and they are most common internally in structures like warehouses. They shield people from vehicles and forklifts with low ground clearance.

A second option is 610mm; this is the industry standard height beam. You are free to employ these in places like car parks to defend you against SUVs and similar vehicles.

Another height is the 760mm high variant. These protect users from HGVs in lorry yards and similar locales that have big vehicles moving around.

A fourth option is 1100mm high barriers. They are also meant to endure HGV impacts. Additionally, people use them to safeguard water and fuel tanks. They function as double barriers too.

Discuss barrier safety with experts

At Cenpart, we provide all of the aforementioned Armco barrier heights. Furthermore, we can create posts designed individually if the standard ones are not appropriate.

If you would like help from the top company working in barrier safety, please contact us. We will ensure you get the right service from start to finish.