Loading docks can be hazardous both when they are in use and when they are vacant. Each dock tends to be raised to make loading and unloading items from vehicles easier. In some cases they can be up to four feet in height, high enough to cause extensive injuries if people fall from them. The hazards mean steps need to be taken to put safety measures in place to prevent this from happening.

Putting safety barriers on loading docks is a good way to improve safety. These reduce the risk of people falling from the dock by making it clear where the edge is. Each barrier needs to be installed to a high standard to ensure it is stable and capable of bearing the weight of a person if they lean on it.

Barriers can also be beneficial when forklifts are used for loading and unloading. They help to prevent the vehicle from falling off the edge of the dock, keeping the driver, the forklift and the products safe in the process.

A third benefit is that they extend above the dock, making it more visible for drivers when they are reversing up to it. This will reduce the risk of them backing up too far and colliding with the raised platform, protecting the vehicle and the fabric of the property in the process.

As well as having the barriers in place you should also ensure members of staff are trained in barrier safety. They need to understand why they are in place, the benefits they provide and the maintenance requirements. On top of this they should play an important role in checking them to ensure they are not damaged or unstable.

If you would like durable barriers to protect loading docks or need help creating barrier safety practices Cenpart has the solution for you. We are an experienced manufacturer and can deliver bespoke products to suit all kinds of requirements. Whether you have a single loading dock or a series of bays we can deliver the perfect barriers and get them installed for you to a very high standard.