Crossover accidents on UK motorways account for over 200 traffic collisions annually. When a vehicle loses control or crashes on a motorway, it is the impact itself that can determine the events that follow. If the vehicle absorbs the impact, the results can be devastating. It is true that the number of vehicular motorway accidents is lower than other collisions, but due to the high speeds the chances of severe damage and injuries are greatly increased. However, the installation of barrier systems can make these types of crashes less deadly.

The purpose of a steel crash barrier is to absorb the energy created by the crash, thus preventing the car from being spun around into oncoming traffic and crossing over onto another carriageway. Further danger is presented if a car finds its way into roadside hazards. These scenarios are the typical contributors to multiple pile ups and fatal injuries. Well positioned barrier systems will prevent the vehicle from re-entering traffic streams and send it safely along the barrier line.

Steel crash barriers have become the most effective way to reduce fatalities on our motorways. They diminish the severity of crashes in locations and environments that typically feature driving at high speeds. Fatalities on any road are devastating, and we are dedicated to providing the protection products that help to prevent them. Crash barriers can also unsurprisingly be found on racetracks. The risk of accidents is unfortunately part of motorsports such as Formula One, but our barrier systems provide protection to drivers, team members and spectators.

We have become the trusted name for all kinds of security in protection and steel and we can provide barrier protection that meets all requirements. Our barrier systems are available with a choice of posts that allow you to customise your barrier to suit your particular specifications. The size and type of barrier will depend on the weight and size of vehicles you are anticipating. Further consideration must also be given to the expected speeds and impact angles.

Aside from being one of the UK’s largest suppliers of barrier systems, we also provide full installation and maintenance services along with an extensive range of protection products for many different environments.