Motorway barriers offer huge potential to lessen the impact of crashes and collisions and even save lives. An analysis of the statistics of accidents on motorways backs up our knowledge that motorway barriers and crash barriers are one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to reduce injuries and fatalities on our roads.

It has been shown that when it comes to singe vehicle accidents in the UK, lamp posts and trees figure in a huge number of incidents on urban and rural roads. Crashing head on into a tree or lamp post can have a devastating impact, causing a great danger not only to the occupants of the car but also any pedestrians who may be in the area. However, on motorways, crash barriers have the highest incidence of accidents – although the crucial difference is that a collision with a crash barrier is much, much less likely to be serious or fatal than a collision with a tree or lamp post.

This goes to show how effective motorway barriers are in securing the safety of drivers by lessening the seriousness of a crash, deflecting the impact of the collision and reducing its severity.

Many accidents can be averted with the simple installation of crash barriers or motorway barriers placed at strategic points. When it comes to selecting barriers for use on urban roads, rural roads or motorways, we are your first choice. As we are dedicated to barrier safety of all kinds, we offer a huge variety of options to ensure we can cover all requirements.

With stringent testing procedures and a commitment to excellent design and materials, we are confident that we can provide you with the motorway barriers you require at a price that will suit you, as well as a comprehensive installation service.