In recent years, more and more people have relocated to the edge of cities and towns. This has led to an increase in vehicles being driven in residential areas as commuters make their way to work. Traffic incidents and collisions do not only occur on busy motorways and main roads. Areas which are largely residential also see a high number of accidents involving vehicles, pedestrians and singular structures, such as street signs and freestanding posts.

One of the biggest causes of collisions with lampposts is drivers becoming distracted. The fact is that a single collision with a tree or other structure can result in potential injury and severe costs. The vehicle’s driver and passengers are at serious risk, along with any pedestrians that may be in close proximity.

Standalone structures are not able to absorb the impact of a car crash, and the likely result is that the vehicle will spin, instantly increasing the risk of damage to others as well as nearby properties. Crash barriers are specifically designed to withstand the severe force of a crash and significantly reduce the chances of physical injuries, fatalities and damage to private and public properties.

We have been supplying crash barriers and a wide selection of other security solutions to a large and diverse customer base for many years. We are trusted suppliers of steel protection solutions and we are renowned for our industry preferred products.

We strive to deliver the finest quality products and successfully contribute to the decrease in severe incidents on UK roads and motorways. Each of the products we supply is carefully and thoroughly tested and provides a comprehensive solution. Our barriers offer the ultimate in safety, strength and durability and we can meet the individual needs of each project.

Our diverse product range includes security items for a variety of applications. We carry quality access control and ladder systems along with column protection, parking posts, handrails, bollards and more. If you wish to discuss the installation of our crash protection products, we will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a swift, efficient and cost-effective system that is tailor made for that individual location.