Barrier systems are typically for protecting people on the motorways. However, they do have uses away from these areas. Specifically, we are talking about areas like factories and car parks. What our company does is help keep everyone safe by providing the finest designs on the market. We can design a system to suit almost any need.

During the past five decades, the UK’s motorway network has improved a great deal. This has brought with it major enhancements in safety standards. As a result ours is one of the safest countries in the world in relation to driving. We have some of the smallest road mortality figures. Statistically, we are safer than a handful of other countries. These include New Zealand, the Netherlands, Canada, France, Australia, and Germany.


The road mortality figure is low because of a variety of things. In the last decade there has been a big increase in the amount of road safety campaigns in the UK. They have been across radio, TV, social media, and other outlets so they reach as many people as they can. The ‘Think’ campaigns have drawn attention to a range of vital safety measures. Examples include the significance of seat belts, fatigue, and drink driving. They have gone a long way to boost public awareness. They have made us become far more safety conscious on the roads too.


There is also another huge contributor to this change. This would be the use of Armco barrier systems on motorways and big stretches of road. They are now along almost every main A road and motorway. It is the barriers’ job to reduce the risk in accidents. They function as dividers between carriageways. The barriers also absorb the energies of vehicles and attempt to redirect them.

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At Cenpart, our barriers are the ideal solution for lots of issues. This is especially true for anyone residing in a commercial or industrial setting. In addition to vehicles, they can keep pedestrians secure. You will therefore be able to go about your business without having to worry about any issues.

If you would like to place an order, please let us know. We can design a bespoke system for you, ensuring it meets your exact needs.