When it comes to creating and supplying motorway barriers, Armco are the industry standard. In fact, Armco crash barriers now tend to be the generic designation of corrugated steel crash barriers seen on racetracks and around motorways. What makes Armco so popular is the fact that these motorway barriers are constructed to a high standard and they have the brilliant quality of being highly resistant to crashes and smashes. They are also easy to install and customise depending on the size and the style of the barrier needed.

These barriers are useful for the fact that they provide a means of stopping vehicles in the event of a crash. A crash on a motorway can easily prove disastrous for multiple vehicles, not just the individual vehicle that has crashed. If a vehicle crashes on the motorway, it can easily cause a pile-up resulting in injuries and possibly even deaths. There is also the risk of an inadequate barrier causing the vehicle to smash through and enter the opposing lane, causing even more disastrous consequences as a result. Motorway barriers may also absorb some of the impact of a crash, helping to ensure the vehicle travels along the barrier rather than crashing through or twisting around into oncoming traffic. This helps to significantly reduce the risks.

Barriers come in different styles, offering differing kinds of protection. There are standard corrugated Armco barriers which act well in dissipating the impact of a vehicle. There are box systems which provide less flexibility but more effective energy dissipation than standard barriers as well, thanks to the solidarity of their construction. Barriers can also be configured into single or double rows, customising the protection available. They can also be crafted into beams of differing radii and can be made to fit corners. Further protection can also be made available with the ability to customise the termination of the barrier with various different caps, though for motorway applications, these are generally replaced with a “ramp down” system that allows a vehicle that is out of control to mount the barrier, causing less damage than it would if it collided with the end of a barrier.

One potential problem with these types of motorway barriers, however, is that they can rust. A barrier that has succumb to rust is, obviously, significantly weaker than a newer barrier. Rust compromises not just the surface of the barrier but also eats away at the internal structure. When this occurs, a vehicle is more likely to smash through the barrier on impact than it would with one that has been newly installed. That is why it is important to have a source of cost-effective barriers readily available to purchase from, so that these barriers can be quickly and inexpensively replaced. We offer barriers for a low cost which can prove perfect for replacing individual barriers.

They aren’t just useful for motorways, though, as Armco’s products are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. Properties such as factories can help protect the fabric of the building by erecting Armco barriers around the property, especially where forklifts are used. Due to how the barriers are designed, they can comprehensively protect both the workforce and any vehicles from collisions or accidents. Even reclaimed motorway barriers are beginning to become quite popular for general applications as well, their protective and structural benefits still going strong even after being in service.

We pride ourselves on selling and continuously developing our existing range of Armco barriers. It is through this manufacturing that bespoke barriers are created which drastically increases the quality of the product and also reduces the risk of any flaws being inherent within the barrier itself. Comprehensive systems can be designed and they can also securely install them where they are needed. Though they are simple to install, this offers a much easier way for a customer to benefit from a barrier without having to go through the time or the hassle of installing it themselves.

Motorway barriers are necessary for the continued protection of the millions of road users who use the motorways daily. With the continued services of our team and the use of our Armco motorway barriers, Britain’s roads will continue to be significantly safer.