Accessing high buildings can be a risky business, especially when using a ladder. When your employees are using a ladder, then it needs to be sturdy and it needs to have comprehensive protection in place to protect the climber. In order to fulfil these requirements, we have Axess ladder systems available for assembling and installing on site at your discretion.

Whether accessing a roof or an elevated platform, your ladder needs to be sturdy and capable of withstanding the weight of the person climbing it. It needs to be made in such a way that it can withstand any weather without breaking or being damaged. Our Axess systems stand out because they aren’t simply a single solid ladder structure, but individual components that are combined and bolted together, which results in excellent strength.

In order to provide comprehensive protection, the ladder utilises extensive hoop-shaped barrier systems in order to provide a cage for the climber and prevent them from falling. Much like the ladder itself, the cage is made from separate parts for a much stronger finish and an easier means of assembly, meaning it will not fail even if a person falls back against it. If required, a self closing gate can also be added for additional protection.

Should any of the parts become compromised in any way, we keep a large stock of all necessary components which allows us to replace them swiftly. Due to the fact that the components are assembled separately, it means that any failure will likely be reduced to certain parts rather than compromising the entire ladder. This ensures an inexpensive means of repairs rather than having to fund an entire replacement in case of failure.

All components are constructed to British Standards, ensuring that you are safe when using this ladder. We guaranteed that this sturdy and rigid ladder will serve you well for many years to come and won’t fail at inopportune times. Simply give us your floor to floor dimensions and, thanks to the separate components, we can construct the ladder to your exact specifications. Contact us now to learn more about our barrier systems, ladders and other products.